Textile and Fibre: Stitch On Exhibition

Schoolhouse Gallery

11am - 5pm Wednesday - Sunday, 28 Aug - 20 Sep 2020

Tickets Free

Entry from Tamara Russell, Mask Up, 2020

In these unprecedented times of social distancing, we look for comfort, connection and things to nourish our imaginations. Making and mending with our hands is healing, making do with what we have is important, and sharing our thoughts connects us to one another, helping us to work through disruption and change. We invited our creative community to reflect on their current thoughts and feelings during isolation, and stitch on.

They have stitched, embroidered, appliqued or printed thoughts, images and messages onto fabric objects that they had in their homes. This exhibition is a showcase of all these feelings and moments experienced during the Pandemic and other events that continue to shape our world.


Angela Anderson, Ljilja Armstrong, Amy Bartlett, Aukje Boonstra, Sallie Burton, Adam Christ, Carol Cooke, B. Jane Cowie, Leanne Crosswell, Caroline Davies Choi, Chantale Delrue, Jan Dineen, William Dowd, Arita Ghedini, Adelphie He, Anne Hind, Ursula Jones, Jacqui Kingsley, Denise Larrea, Janice Luckman, Jeannie Mooney, Lisa Moroney, Nicole O’Loughlin, Nicole Ottrey, Sue Roberts, Hannah Rogers, Trish Rook, Tamara Russell, Victoria Ryle, Karen Stack, Gabbee Stolp, Jude Walker, Maureen Wallace, Beverley Watson





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