Letters from Lockdown

Rosny Farm Arts Centre

Deadline 5pm, 14 August 2020

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Most oral histories are recorded decades after the fact, but with technology and hindsight we have the capacity to document the pandemic, an extraordinarily significant moment in time, as it happens. Letters from Lockdown will encourage everyone to tell their own stories of time in lockdown or working on the frontline by recording voice memos or handwriting letters to our History Officer, Alan Townsend, who will collect these stories for future use in exhibitions and research. This project will provide future historians with an invaluable primary source documenting the crisis. By telling your story, you are making history.

How to participate:

  • Write down your experience of lockdown in a letter format. ‘Dear Clarence Council, This is my story about the pandemic lockdown in 2020…”
    Think about how has lockdown affected you? What do you miss? What is your daily routine? What do you hope for once the restrictions ease?
  • Send letter to:
    • Via Post, handwritten or printed:
      History Officer Alan Townsend
      Clarence City Council
      38 Bligh St, Rosny Park TAS 7018
    • Via Email typed or as a voice memo recorded on your phone/computer: rosnyfarm@ccc.tas.gov.au


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Submissions deadline: 14 August 5pm


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