MOFO Eastern Sho: Emma and the Hungry Truth with Francesca de Valence

The Barn at Rosny Farm

7pm, 17 January 2015

Tickets 35+bf

Emma’s electrifying voice tells a rich story of personal experiences and emotions from a life on the stage. Working together with The Hungry Truth to fearlessly achieve a magical juxtaposition, Emma’s piercingly beautiful voice collides with the band’s intricate rhythms, rich harmonies and distinctive instrumentation.

Francesca de Valence is a breathtaking talent on the Australian scene. With outstanding chops on piano and a crystalline voice she recalls some of the greats such as Carole King and Sarah McLachlan. This concerts is presented as a part of MOFO Eastern Sho, the MONA FOMA Festival. Tickets are available at www.mofo.net.au


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