Steven Carson

Rosny Farm Arts Centre

22 Feb - 01 Apr 2019

Clarence Jazz Festival is pleased to present the 2019 Artist in Residence Dr Steven Carson. Steven Carson is a visual artist who uses mixed media installations, sculptural objects and image-based artworks all dealing with visual tensions between shape, colour, and form, as well as the haptic quality of craft versus the sleekness of industrial materials.

For Clarence Jazz Festival 2019, Carson has created a dynamic, decorative assembly of forms that suggest hybrid organisms festooned around Rosny Farm. There is a comic inside-out-ness in the way that the works are made; starting as 2-dimensional pieces with hard-edge geometric design, they are then folded, scrunched, or wrapped fittingly displaying harmonic rubs and angular, syncopated grooves that are intuitive and impulsive – as if they were Jazz coming to three-dimensional life.


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