Bauhaus Birdhouse! For Kids

Rosny Farm Arts Centre

11 - 1pm, 29 September 2020

Tickets $15 - Ages 7 -13

In the spirit of the Bauhaus School and in honour of the many beautiful birds that are frequent visitors to Rosny Farm, come along and decorate a wooden birdhouse with striking designs in the School Holidays. This workshop is open to children ages 7 – 13.

Bauhaus – an art school from the early 20th Century – sought to bring the arts and crafts together to make things that were both beautiful and practical.  The movement had a huge influence on modernist design and architecture, its literal translation is ‘Building House’.

In this workshop Hobart artist Jo Chew will help you select a birdhouse to decorate, plan and draw up your design, and transfer it on to your birdhouse.  Learn about an influential art movement, colour mixing and harmonies, stencils and composition – and create a cool little house for your backyard birds to visit.


In hoping that COVID-19 restrictions allow we have rescheduled Jo Chew’s workshop for 29th September 2020. Social Distancing will apply with only 10 kids in the workshop.

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