Rosny Cottage

Cottage Exterior

Image by Rebecca Ramage

Rosny Cottage was built c1850 and has, over the years, been the residence for farm families and green-keepers for the nearby golf course. The Cottage now houses the Rosny Collection in the front rooms. The collection of realia was formerly housed at Val Hawkes Country Life Museum on the Tasman Peninsula. Council purchased the entire collection in the 1980s. The collection now forms the main part of the display in the cottage which is designed to represent life in the early 20th century.

The back room and hallway has been transformed into a professional exhibition and workshop space, that creates a site-specific space perfect for installations and exhibitions at the Rosny Farm Arts Centre. It sits along side the Schoolhouse Gallery and Rosny Barn. To apply for an exhibition in the Cottage please find more information here.


Interior of Cottage gallery space

Image by Rebecca Ramage

Exhibition by Watch This Space ARI (Alice Springs) in the Cottage, as part of Hobiennale 2019


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