You Weigh More When You Hold A Book: Simon Spain & Eugene Ball

Schoolhouse Gallery

10am - 4pm Wed - Sun, 12 May - 04 Jun 2023

Tickets Free

Simon Spain’s improvised drawings occupy every page of weighty art catalogues, obscuring images, and texts. White-gloved hands of a curator, or perhaps an amateur magician, manipulate and reveal the pages of these books to create theatrical video works where new layers of drawings have been added together with especially co-created soundtracks. In these still and moving remixes, obsessive mark-making and reconfiguring reflect an ongoing practice concerned with process; meanwhile a Butoh dancer’s hands improvise across elegant prints and paint smeared fingers magically re-cover Prince Andrew.

This is serious, humorous, enchanting and altogether enigmatic work. The exhibition contains completed works, books in progress and a making table where you can wear the white gloves yourself.


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