Wild Life Crossing, Folklore and other tales: Edith Perrenot

Schoolhouse Gallery

Wed - Sun 10am - 4pm (winter hours), 02 - 25 Aug 2024

Tickets Free

“Did I choose to plant these potatoes, or did the potatoes make me do it?“ Michael Pollan
This exhibition aims to explore folkloric stories and rituals linked to Fauna and Flora, reviving them in the form of artworks and installations. The intention is to look at some of
our relationships to nature, animality and beliefs.
Why did we crawl under the blackberry arches? Who hid the shoes inside the walls? Where did the bird in us go? Does the poison have an antidote or is the antidote worse than the poison? Can we ever return the stolen rocks?

Image: Ex-Voto Fera Vitae or the Visitation, Oil paint on wooden board, 2023

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