Wild Life Crossing, Folklore and other tales: Edith Perrenot

Schoolhouse Gallery

Wed - Sun 10am - 4pm (winter hours), 02 - 25 Aug 2024

Tickets Free

This exhibition explores folkloric connection between us and the flora surrounding us. Wherever we are, the land we stand on is part of the story. Here the stories take the form of artworks and installations. The works examine some aspect of our relationship to nature, positioning the question toward the vegetal and the symbolism held within each material used, and uses.

“No one knows what they are making. No one.
Some will say beauty exist just there, in the interstice
where the knowledge has no echo.

I fill up with what’s surrounds me
to spend the time I think I have not.
A wave to the sea, to the sea a wave.

The lost seed, the seed Lost.
Sometimes one way
The other, always the other.

I remember that kissing that skin was like having the mouth full of pulsing blood.
I was becoming beast to myself in the splendid pleasure of the desire fulfilled.
Abruptly, I was from the natural world.
Doe, Hen, Wolf, Vixen, Carp, Leopard carrying pollen from an older time.
My senses had bloomed.
I was perennial”.

Édith Perrenot

Image: Ex-Voto Fera Vitae or the Visitation, Oil paint on wooden board, 2023


Exhibition opening event: 2pm Sunday 4th August

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