Unfamiliar Familiars: Icky Brothers, Rosie Wordsworth, Arrow Bisset and Ceridwyn Williams

Schoolhouse Gallery

Wed - Sun 11am - 5pm, 12 Apr - 05 May 2024

Tickets free

Unfamiliar Familiars represent the profound bond between humans and the natural world, they act as guides and companions on our individual journeys. By intertwining familiars with themes of gendered identity and our own journeys of resilience we find weapons and armor emerge as metaphors for the struggles faced by marginalized communities. We begin to touch on the multifaceted meanings of weaponry and the conflict between power and vulnerability. We explore the intersection of protection, violence, and self-expression whilst paralleling stories of nature’s resilience with our own.

This exhibition intends to intricately weave together various themes, inviting viewers to contemplate the balance between nature and humanity whilst questioning societal norms and values. We ask viewers to examine the layers of self and society through the lens of gendered experience, defense and protection, in an inclusive and empathetic atmosphere.

Image: Arrow Bisset, ‘Swan Gone’, 2021, pencil, 250gsm hot presses watercolour paper, 59 x 84 cm


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