Towards Infinite Horizons

Schoolhouse Gallery

11am-5pm, Wednesday-Sunday, 06 Feb - 08 Mar 2015

Tickets N/A

Is the sea a barrier, creating isolation, or a common territory connecting us? We make journeys of migration, exploration or necessity, often as peregrine/pilgrims-leaving our indelible tracks across the earth, seas and skies for others to follow. A celebration of islands, migratory species, traditional sailing vessels, wooden boats and journeys across the seas with artists, poets, writers, storytellers, performers and seafarers. An exhibition and installation of sculptural works, paintings and drawings.

Artists: Mary Blackwood, Jon Hemming, Gwen Egg, Desiree Fitzgibbon, Lyn Reeves, Margaret Vandenberg, Christine Morrison (Scotland), Sharon Blackie, David Knowles (Ireland)

Curated by Desiree Fitzgibbon


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