To know a river: Hannah Foley

The Barn at Rosny Farm

Wed - Sun 10am - 4pm (winter hours), 08 Aug - 01 Sep 2024

Tickets Free

Here, a river runs through this us. A dynamic body of water, dividing and connecting communities and ecologies, carrying legacies of industrial, colonial, and bodily processes. Hannah Foley’s exhibition asks: what do these waters remember, and where do these memories go? In what ways are we – as human, situated watery bodies – affecting these waters, and being affected in return?
Through performance and participation, sound and installation, Hannah’s work explores ways in which we might understand and collaborate with the bodies of water we live alongside of, proposing attentive and empathetic engagement with the hydrosphere.

Image: Liquid Lungs (detail, video still), sourced glass vessels, acrylic, stainless steel, vinyl tubing, LED lights, Jerry air and Derwent spray, 2023


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