Story Through Song

The Barn at Rosny Farm

6pm Doors, 24 May 2024

Tickets $5 - $15

Join us for a special night of cultural exchange and entertainment, where storytelling comes to life through the mesmerizing art forms of song and dance. Immerse yourself into the captivating narratives woven into each performance, as our talented artists take center stage, where every movement and melody carries a tale of tradition, resilience, and connection.


For ONE NIGHT ONLY, celebrate the rich tapestry of performance from local artists: Julia Drouhin, Svetlana Bunic & Edith Perrenot, Ipshita Pratap and the Samoan Cultural Collective Tas. Hosted by MC Rob Braslin.

What to expect on the night:

Samoan Siva 

The Samoan Cultural Collective Tas Inc is a recently formed community of Samoans living in Lutruwita, they will be performing both Siva & Sasa for Story Festival 2024.

French performance Julia & Edith

This is not a Drill. This musical stories are made to make you feel. Be ready to whisper with the French pagan wind, become the voice for the long slumber of Frère Jacques. If you’re keen you’ll get the opportunity to participate in the fun!

Ipshita Pratap

Kathak dance incorporates elements of storytelling, expression, and rhythm, with movements that are intricately choreographed to convey emotions and narratives, often accompanied by live music that may include the tabla among other traditional Indian instruments.



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