Steven Carson: Maybe it’s there

Schoolhouse Gallery

Wed - Sun 10am - 4pm, 07 - 30 Jun 2024

Tickets free

The title of this exhibition alludes to the transience of marks, scrawls, scrapes, and scratches, as small but significant signs of human presence that go unnoticed within daily life.

The works draw from small sites of impact, fleeting interactions and interventions and recognise these as meaningful imprints upon surfaces and spaces in the public domain. Visual strategies isolated from makeshift arrangements on the street, fragments of imagery, pattern, text, and other graphic and textural elements encountered are magnified and recombined as the basis for mixed-media sculptures, digital-collage, and assemblage artworks.

Through processes of abstraction, unseen or overlooked traces are reconfigured and recast in works that aim to visualisation these as meaningful depictions of the everyday.  With a highly idiosyncratic yet site-specific symbology that embraces colours, graphic motifs, forms, and unconventional combinations of ordinary materials from daily life Maybe it’s here seeks to provide an alternative representation of mundane life episodes, lived experience, time and place.

Exhibition opening event: 2pm Sunday 9th June. All welcome!

image: Crush #1, 2023, digital print on Aluminium, crumpled, 46cm x 32cm x 12cm (approx)



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