Precious Little Matters: Exploring Creative Collage with Lynne Fellowes

Bellerive Community Arts Centre

19 - 20 Mar 2016

Tickets $50

Blue on Blue: Lynne Fellowes

The focus for this two-day workshop is on creating captivating collage – It’s not what you have, but how you use it. From a wide array of old photographs, vintage papers, worn book covers, fragments of letters and torn envelopes, the artist will teach you how to weave an evocative and fascinating narrative, suggestive of another time or place. These poignant glimpses into the past can be created with characters in mind – some real, some imaginary.
You’ll learn how to breathe new life into the forgotten and mundane; discover that looking and seeing are two different things; and Lynne will help you find that elusive element that brings out the magic in your work. Start combing through your treasures and your trash and prepare to be inspired; perhaps even transported beyond your comfort zone with a visual feast of ideas.
A materials list will be provided upon registration.

Artist Lynne Fellowes has worked over time in a variety of mediums. As an award-winning photographer she developed a keen eye for capturing the ordinary and transforming it into the unusual. A fascination with discarded objects saw her emerge as a mixed media artist, reflecting the connection between the natural and the creative landscape.
Born and raised in New Zealand, Lynne lived for many years in Queensland, then Bali, before settling in Tasmania. She is an author and is widely travelled. A love of collectable and found objects is evident in her Huon Valley studio, and developing new ideas has been an intrinsic part of Lynne’s art practice. Her assemblages, collage, artist books, and memory boxes all share a common thread – the story retold.
Lynne’s artworks can be found in exhibitions and private collections both in Australia and overseas.

For bookings email: or 6245 1036


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