Nitty Gritty: True Stories told by Real Humans – the Event

The Barn at Rosny Farm

7.00pm, 21 May 2022

Tickets $15/$12

A celebration of stories. Stories told in first person by an individual to a group, bridge the divide, they bring us closer and create a shared sense of the world; they diminish the sense of ‘us and them’ while also giving a voice to those that have not been heard. Through stories, we appreciate our differences. Through stories, we strengthen our bonds.

Clarence Arts and Events invited people from our community to be part of a workshop with comedian and author Rachel Berger. During the 6-hour workshop participants worked on their stories, found their voice and confidence to shape their experiences into a story to share with an audience, that same night. From paper to the stage in one day! Be inspired, uplifted and informed by an individual’s resilience, compassion, grit and sense of humour. It’s better than watching someone being evicted by tribal council on reality TV!


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