Mona Foma X Clarence Arts and Events presents Arka Kinari

Bellerive Boardwalk

8.30pm - 9.30pm, 25 February 2024

Tickets Free - No ticket needed

By day the 70-tonne sailing ship Arka Kinari hosts workshops on environmental sustainability and conversations with local communities.

By night the vessel transforms into a stage for a free performance by Grey Filastine (Spain) and Nova Ruth (Indonesia), a multimedia duo who use their extraordinary music and cinematic visuals to help us imagine life after the carbon economy, promote resilience and re-engagement with the sea.

The maritime network was the original internet, mixing peoples, languages, and ideas. Arka Kinari revives disappearing trade-routes with culture as the cargo to bring people back to their waterfronts.

Arka Kinari will be at the Bellerive Waterfront on Sunday 25 February from 8.30pm—9.30pm.

This wonderful, colourful, family-friendly event is free.

Find out more at Mona Foma | Program | Arka Kinari.


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