Meet the Rev Knopwood

The Barn at Rosny Farm

6pm - 8pm, 18 April 2018

Tickets Free but bookings essential

Meet the Rev Knopwood

To recognise the 180th anniversary of the death of Rev Robert Knopwood a special event will be held in the Rosny Barn.

An exhibition of works Knopwood’s Kitchen Garden 1804-1824 by the Botaniko Art Group will run from April 6 – 18 in Rosny Barn. At the closing event of the exhibition on 18 April step back in time with historian and story-teller James Parker who will illustrate the life of  one of Hobart’s most colourful historical characters – gourmand, hunter and erstwhile Anglican priest the Rev Robert (Bobby) Knopwood (1763 – 1838).

Themed refreshments will be served with catering by Veronica Smith. (veronicacookingsmith@gmail.com)

For info 6217 9607 schoolhouse@ccc.tas.gov.au

Entry is free but bookings are essential  – please book through Eventbrite.

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