Matthew Preston: Small Places

Schoolhouse Gallery

Wed - Sun 11am - 5pm, 25 Nov - 19 Dec 2021

Matthew Preston, Ozothamnus scutellifolius, -42.83880, 147.38302, 2021

Small places is an enquiry into life on the edge of resource extraction. As Flagstaff quarry expands, the skyline disappears.  Composing in-camera and on the land, the images bring together proximate but disparate spaces. Leaf and stem tangle with fractured Jurassic dolerite. New growth and dead stone: each haunt the other, each an absent presence.

This story of economy and ecology is offered as a chance to open ourselves to what changes when we carve materials from the earth. In hours and days humans unpick the work of deep time. No place is static; yet without wondering at what we do, we risk losing more than a landscape.


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