Public Program

Lindisfarne Land Grab: Boom or Bust Historical Walk

Beltana Park, Lindisfarne

11am - 1pm, 14 May 2023

Tickets $10

Lindisfarne was shaped by a land boom, find out how on our Lindisfarne Land: Boom or Bust walk….

Back in the 1880s, ‘Marvellous Melbourne’ was running headlong into the chaos of a land boom, the end of which would see some of the leading citizens bought down by bankruptcy as the boom fizzled out.

But the land boom wasn’t limited to Melbourne; in Hobart there were plenty of respectable speculators looking to make a fortune through buying large chunks of farmland and developing them into urban paradise.

In fact, that’s how Lindisfarne (then Beltana) came into being, dreamt up by a group of lawyers looking to cash in on the boom and in the process create their own homes away from home, separated by the Derwent from the noise and smell of industrial Hobart.

Come along and discover more about the Lindisfarne Land Boom on this fascinating and informative historical walk.

Start point: Lindisfarne Activities Centre car park, 37A Lincoln St, Lindisfarne TAS 7015

Walking difficulty: Easy

Shoes: Please wear sturdy walking shoes and wear appropriate outdoor, warm weather attire.


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