Linda Erceg: The Plastocene

Schoolhouse Gallery

Wed - Sun 11am - 5pm, 11 Mar - 03 Apr 2022

Linda Erceg, Biomorphic Loop, 2017

The Plastocene transforms a range of recycled plastics into an immersive sculptural installation with large scale organic forms, sound design and kinetic elements. Referencing the growing impact of plastics in this new epoch of the Anthropocene, this work presents a thriving artificial ecosystem which mimics the processes and lifecycle of natural systems.


Sound design by Matt Warren

Thanks to Les Allester for technical assistance with installation and Dylan Sheridan for consultation on kinetics.

Linda Erceg would like to thank the School of Creative Arts and Media at the University of Tasmania for their support of this project. She also thanks her sponsors Spot On Fishing and Pack and Send, for their generous donations of recycled fishing lines and biofill packing peanuts, which have greatly aided the production of works. 


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