Intimacy: UTAS BFA Honours Cohort 2020

Schoolhouse Gallery

Wednesday - Sunday 11am - 5pm, 15 Jan - 07 Feb 2021

Tickets Free

Alison Dower, Oh do behave!, 2020

A contagious disease has brought the nature of connection into sharp focus. The University of Tasmania’s Fine Arts Honours cohort struggled to make work and support each other when Covid-19 shut down the School of Creative Arts and Media in the first half of 2020. But through the rickety intimacy of Zoom meetings, the students managed to develop a close bond. Their work also formed connections. Their group show, Intimacy, explores physical and emotional closeness and distance, questions of risk, invitation and consent to proximity, and the formation of bonds between the human and beyond-human.


Artists: Scott Bannister, Yilian Basser, Emma Bingham, Erin Brandall, Paul Conley, Alison Dower, Skye Mescall, Miranda Mills, Gabrielle Rish, Reece Romagnoli-Townsend


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