future lutruwita

Schoolhouse Gallery

Wed - Sun 11am-5pm, 11 Feb - 06 Mar 2022

Tickets Free

Tricky Walsh

future lutruwita is a graphic anthology comprising of a group of diverse Tasmanian artists, to be released in 2022. The works in the book and exhibition explore dystopian, utopian, decolonial and other possible futures. This exhibition will showcase selected work from the upcoming book.


Artists: Richie Cyngler, Leigh Rigozzi, Jess Fodor, Andrew Harper, Lucy Adelaide, Icky Brothers, Tricky Walsh, Tom O’Hern, Erin Linhart, Shaleen Arimboor Shajith, Bethany Van Rijswijk, Nadège Philippe-Janon, Tim Hodge, Kate Rich, Joshua Santospirito, Dane Chisholm, Tony Thorne, Joshua Rowe, Georgia Morgan


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