Schoolhouse Gallery

11am - 5pm Wed - Sun, 20 Mar - 12 Apr 2015

Exquisite: Extremely beautiful, delicate, sought out, very sensitive or fine, extreme or intense, accomplished, perfected.

In partnership with Henry Jones Art Hotel this exquisite exhibition features works by:

Marisa Molin, David Edgar, Janine Combes, Leonie Oakes, Dane Chisholm, Christine Scott, Christl Berg, Chantale Delrue, Faridah Cameron, Ruth Frost, Diane Masters, Rosemary O’Rourke, Tracey Cockburn, Sue Lovegrove, Rachael Rose, Catherine Woo, David Hawley, Nicole O’Loughlin, Belinda Winkler, Milan Milojevic and Joybelle, Frances Watson, Michael Schlitz, Irene Briant, Julie Payne

Image: Christine Scott, Hydrangea Rhapsody, 2015. Printed paper doilies, vintage bible pages, vintage beading, cotton thread, LED gadgetry & cardboard





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