Hobiennale 2017

From 11 November until 3 December 2017 Rosny Farm will be host to two exhibitions in partnership with Hobiennale 2017 (HB17). This event is a new festival bringing together Artist Run Initiatives and emerging artists from across Australia and New Zealand for ten days of exhibitions, music, performance and talks.

Artist-run initiatives are grassroots organisations, led by groups of volunteers. HB17 believe that some of the most interesting, critical and diverse exhibitions are shown by artist-run initiatives, and that these varied organisations are incredibly important to Australia’s art landscape and to their respective communities. HB17 is facilitated by Hobart based artist-run initiative Constance and is curated by Grace Herbert and Liam James.

The Rosny Farm site will be host to exhibitions:  in the Schoolhouse Gallery – Elapse, Kings ARI (Vic) and in the Barn – Touch with Your Eyes, Sawtooth ARI (Launceston).


Touch With Your Eyes: Sawtooth Gallery

Steven Carson: Propped – Double Stuck, 2016

Elapse: Kings ARI (Vic)

Image: Beth Arnold


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