Niklavs & Haile Rubenis: Object Realities

The Barn at Rosny Farm

11am - 5pm Wednesday - Sunday, 18 Nov - 04 Dec 2022


Object Realities, This is not what I hoped for, 2022

Object Realities is an experimental critical design investigation into the life of objects—where they come from; what they mean to us; where they end up when no longer wanted, needed or valued; and their potential of being crafted, repaired or transformed into new objects.

Exploring the proposition ‘why make more stuff’, Object Realities engages with roadside detritus as a sight to perform speculative ‘micro interventions’.

This exhibition aims to question and probe craft and design’s capacities, limits, creative agency and contribution to a world already choking on so much stuff and waste.

Opening Event – details to come 


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